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Logo Information

                                                Each Product can be mark with different printing options,
                                                Each printing option have its capabilities and limits
                                                such as; Size, number of used colours, etc.

                     Monochromatic or                  Colour Logo
                      Single Color Logo                ( separate )                  Gradient Logo

                       Laser Marking                   UV Printing                    UV Printing
                      Laser Engraving                Screen Printing                Digital Printing
                        Debossing                    Digital Printing                Heat Transfer
                   1 color Screen Printing                                            Sublimation

                        Note : All logos that are published in this catalog are only customization sample.
                                          They may slight differ in actual product.

                                                Choose from our products & brand it right away!
                                                5000+ different promotional gifts to choose from.
                 Ready Stock                    With Large Printing & Production facility, We make sure
                                                we provide you the best branding for your desired gift.

                                                Colours of the actual products may slightly differ from
                                                the printed colours shown. Some product sizes have
                                                indicated in cm / mm. Size may vary slightly from those
                                                indicated. We make sure product details are provided,
                 Catalogue Info                 however due to volume of information some data / info
                                                you need or looking for might have not been included.
                                                Please request a sample for accurate color, size, design
                                                & information.
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