Page 7 - 2024 Promotional Gift Catalogue
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                                               Technology Gifts                                          010

                                               Wireless Chargers, Docking Stations, Headphone & Speakers, Powerbanks,
                                               PC and Mobile accessories, USB Flash Drives.

                                               Stationeries                                             050

                                               Branded Pens, Promotional Plastic and Metal Pens, Eco-friendly Pens
                                               Notebooks, Notepads and Portfolio Folders.

                                               Promotional Bags                                          103

                                               Cotton and Jute Bags, Backpacks, Document Bags, Cooler Bags,
                                               Non-woven Bags and Promotional Pouches.

                                               Drinkwares & Lunchbox                                     123

                                               Large Selection Bottles and Mugs, Tea Coasters and Lunchbox.

                                               General Gifts                                             147

                                               Keychains, Puzzles, Anti-stress Balls, Ceramic gifts, Card holders,
                                               Travel Essentials, Button Badges, Sign Holders, Wearables & more.

                                               Pins & Badges                                             183

                                               Large Selection of Metal Badges, Ready-made Badges, Lapel Pins
                                               Ready-made Medals and Customized Medals.

                                               ID Solutions                                              195

                                               Name Badges and Accessories, Large Selection of Lanyards
                                               Reel Badges and ID Card Holders.

                                               Awards & Plaques                                          216

                                               Large Selection of Awards made from Crystal, Wood or Marble.

                                               Gift Sets                                                234

                                               Large Selection of Promotional Gift Sets.
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